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Special Cleaning Services

Patio/ Parking Area cleaning:

We use Pressure Wash and Sweeping machines to clean the large open areas such as Patio or Parking lots.


PV Cell cleaning:

For Solar Power generation to be efficient, elimination of some environmental effects is needed.

Most common & Prevalent is Deposition of Dirt, Bird droppings & Scaling formation, etc as these interfere with the amount of direct sunlight received to the Photo Voltaic (Solar Cell) array and hampers Efficiency.

Our Specially trained cleaning team can clean the PV Panels professionally by appropriate Cleaning Solution and Soft Brush & Wipers with adjustable lengths.

Pest Control:

We provide pest control services using Eco-Friendly, Human safe, Smell and Color free chemicals.

We cover all kind of House pests, Mosquitoes, Flies, Silverfish, Black & Red Ants, Spider, Agricultural pest and similar House hold Crawling pests, Rodents, Cockroaches and Termites, etc.


Canopy / Awning Cleaning: 

We provide Canopy / Awning Cleaning Services for home and offices. We take utmost care and safety precautions while cleaning of the awnings. We use a gentle hand-cleaning process while cleaning of the awnings to make them look like New & Crisp & Fresh.


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